Spotlight: Everything is better with RHEK

Spotlight: Everything is better with RHEK
July 19, 2016 HT

RHEK – the multi talented creative, shop owner and loud mouth personality. It’s never dull when there is RHEK or was it life is always better when there is RHEK. Both statements very true.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing RHEK through work and now can call him a dear friend. We have wonderful memories together of shooting porn stars in LA to eating some of the finest cafeteria noodles that Hong Kong has to offer..and running a muck in general.

RHEK is everywhere. It may be your favourite 10 Deep Rap Tape, the countless sticker tags, the “Welcome to Janky Town” collection or the echo of his beautifully projected voice..but he is and will always be everywhere.

We spoke recently about some things on business and life and he had a few things to share. We loved all of them..

Who is RHEK? and where is his humble abode?

Rhek is a one man sound crew and graphic designer currently based in Vancouver but really can exist anywhere that has good wifi, power and doesn’t hate fun or half breeds. 

Tell us a little about what your current/recent projects?

Currently I’m working on developing a service that combines AirBnB and Tindr. It’ll be called Air-D-in-V and I’m not sure how it’ll be different than a brothel but that’s for my lawyer to figure out. Alternately, I’m also looking into combining Uber and Tindr aka Tubr as some sort of hookup car service. Maybe you get a handjob in the car and then taken to the club – it’s still in the development stage but needless to say, I’m gonna be living very lavish when these ideas become reality. Shouts out to having lavish parrots and plates of peeled grapes at my future mansion.

What has been your most satisfying projects to date? Is there an ideal type of job?

Making some stuff for Dipset was cool cause Cam’ron is genuinely the best and I got to work with my friends. Any project where the client doesn’t ruin all your best ideas is pretty satisfying. Shout out to all the clients who want work yesterday but take 3 months to clear invoices.

At what point did you know you were an designer?

At this point in my life I’m just doing design until I get a good, full time professional basketball contract (preferably with the NY Knicks squad but I could also do damage in Chicago). I see myself as the Michael Jordan of basketball.

What inspires you to draw?

I can’t really draw. Shout out to Cy Twombly, Robert Crumb, Jason Polan, Frank Frazetta, Stefan Marx and my dude Brendan.

Did something or someone in particular influence your work and your aesthetic?

I like unplanned, non pretentious design. Like how they lay text down on industrial equipment plaques or on bus transfers or the signage on a Plumber’s Van . Aesthetically I gravitate towards simple work that stands out on it’s own without tricks or disguises. Clean, lean and mean. Keep it stupid simple. Alternately, for art shit I like it bugged out and trippy. Dust La Rock was the best at vectors. Humour is always good.

Besides your professional work – what do you have a passion for and why?

I like finding weird things in thrift stores and saving them from being unappreciated. I’ve owned a sushi bar, a clothing store, a gallery and a ramen joint so I enjoy the spirit of being an entrepreneur. Japanese stuff is also great.

What is your favourite food?

Dumplings and Fried Chicken.

What’s next on the cards for you? Any projects we should watch out for?

Cold World Frozen Goods is the new brand. Everything is better with Rhek.

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