Q&A: Rare interview with Italian Aestetich Terrorist FACE

Q&A: Rare interview with Italian Aestetich Terrorist FACE
July 25, 2016 HT

The contemporary artist FACE aka Your Face Down is an artist with pizazz. While to describe a typical artwork may be difficult, the work automatically speaks for the artist itself.

Having grown up in the 80’s in the midst of the international skate craze, he belonged to the second generation of Italian skaters that predated the current “street” phenomenon.

The group cultivate an interest in creating clothing and accessories that featured graphic design and illustration.

He started traveling in the early 90’s and quickly became into contact with some of the foremost graffiti writers in the world. Through his travels and wide passion with street culture and design, FACE was selling his first products in the likes of Colette, Union LA, SSUR, Apartment and Nome de Guerre.

FACE has always stayed true to his roots and aesthetics. He mixes the sacred and profane to create a magnetic and disquieting style which, paradoxically owes its freshness to years of scrupulous research. His peculiar style has made him a precursor to many of high fashion’s current trend and an inspiration for young alternative designers.

We had the pleasure of speaking to this rare and profound character FACE. Check below for the interview.

Who is FACE?  When did it all begin?

i was born and i had a surgery operation  because i was dying, my aesthetic is sinister and obscure.

What inspires you to paint?

I collect antique books and vintage magazines but i get inspiration from churches, patterns or elements of nature.

I have been cutting images from comic magazines since i was 6 years old. Recently I got inspired by the masters of engraving doing the smallest artworks. Engravings and etchings are fascinating.

Can you name some of the street artists that you admire? What made you appreciate their work?

I HATE street arts and artist!

How has your work, and its message, changed since the beginning?

I prefer to do artworks in analogue style with my hands, painting, doing collage and building stuff. Subjects change but message remains and will always be synonymous with darkness, obscurities and sinister.

What do you love about what you do?

When i do my artworks i dominate the time and i relax doin it. Sometimes i love to hear the clock all I do is wait until i finish.

Tell us a little bit about your relationship between fashion and art? How did it start? Share something from a recent project..

Since a was a kid always in to fashion cause my parents used to work with Stone Island, Diesel etc. I did special projects with FUCT, nike, Slam Jam, Snafu and more. Lately i was in Tokyo and something is coming…

What’s next for you?

Next project is about pictures and video content in Romania but i can’t talk about it…bad boys move in silence..

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