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    Vintage “Nude Girl” Keychain


    FACE having grown up in he belonged to the second generation of Italian skaters that predated the current “street” phenomenon. This group cultivated an interest in creating clothing and accessories that featured graphic design and illustration. He started traveling in the early 90’s and quickly came into contact with some of the foremost graffiti writers in the world. During his numerous travels to New York and Los Angeles, he deepened his familiarity with this world living and writing alongside some of its most honored writers and theorists. From that time, FACE became one of the first Italian artists to take part in graffiti bombing, obsessively and copiously gaining presence in unauthorized spaces of all kinds.At the same time, he began applying his rigorous aesthetic to graphic design. This passion brought him to create two clothing lines: Supernova and Letal Entertainment. He designed and produced pieces as well as creating graphics and accessories. Both lines were sold in such stores as Colette, Union L.A, SSUR, Apartment, Nome de Guerre. The originality of his graphic style throughout the years has been a fusion of the classic with the geometric highlighted by a fascinating and macabre romanticism. He mixes the sacred and profane to create a magnetic and disquieting aesthetic which, paradoxically, owes its freshness to years of scrupulous research. His peculiar style has made him a precursor to many of high fashion’s current trends and an inspiration for young alternative designers. Through the years he has collaborated with various international brands such as Nike, FUCT, Slam Jam,Vlone,  Santa Muerte, No Kiddin, Zoltar, Gourmet, Bhg, Snafu, Pimpnosis, Somet, Golab and Tokyo Black Star. His Artworks has been gained by different collectors like Luca Benini, Asap Rocky, Edwin Faeh.



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