Once Upon A Time in Shao Lin

Once Upon A Time in Shao Lin
December 14, 2015 LM
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Back in March 2015, it was announced that Wu Tang Clan would only be making one copy of their new album, titled “Once upon a time in Shaolin”. The album was to be put up for auction and the priviledge of hearing the songs would be bestowed only to the eventual buyer. Who, according to a recent press release, has been found! The album, along with a hand-carved nickel silver box designed by Moroccan artist Yahya, a gold-leafed certificate of authenticity and a leather-bound book containing the album’s lyrics and stories was bought by a “private american collector”. The album has an 88 year copyright clause, which means that most of us will most likely never get to enjoy a commercial release of the album in our lifetimes. For those of you that want a taste here’s a link to a 51 second snippet of the album.          

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