SERIES #2 / 2017

Growing up in the city, you’ll inevitably build stacks upon stacks of memories, from twisted antics that you and the homies got up to, to the sultry nature of indulging in the vice of sought after erotica, right down to the simply dope anecdote that happened unexpectedly. Made in Paradise’ founder Maurice “MoMo” Maghnagi is no exception to having racked up a youth’s worth of recollected gems, of which he’s channelled into the platform’s very own in-house brand Memory Lane, or simply “ML.”

The label is, without a doubt, an extension of MoMo’s own experiences that range from the world’s elite right down to the bottom of the barrel. For Maurice, these ML’s designs incorporate graphic renditions of his own past, from his personal escapades through the dank staircases and dingy bathroom stalls of some of the world’s most ratchet dive bars, clubs and after hour spots, to the overly lavish weekend getaways adorned with an entourage of internationally renown porn stars; as you can imagine, such a lifestyle comes with a plethora of inspiration to put into most raw streetwear brand the world has ever seen.

While the man and his brand are currently based out of Hong Kong, where many of the aforementioned antics took place, Memory Lane pulls from an international experience, so what you’ll find is an ongoing ensemble of graphic designs that include references from retro years right up to the contemporary. For its second season offering, ML brings forth elements from Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time” (an apt reference), a hilarious spin on a time when ‘porn blocking’ was all the rage, a sexy homage to the classic film Showgirls, an ‘Essentials’ tribute to “Face/Off,” a not to Birmingham’s legendary Cuddles ‘sauna,’ and so much more. As for the products themselves, you’ll find that ML carries everything from your basic of Tees, hats and hoodies, to pin-up pens, and erotic candles. So if you’re wanting to live vicariously through a living legend, check out more of what Memory Lane, and by that we mean MoMo, has coming up as he continues on his wild adventures.


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