Made in Paradise–or “MIP” for short–is one of our in-house labels that brings things back to the better years. You know the ones: back in the good ol’ days when you were younger, stronger and more virile. When practically all aspects in life were simple and much more manageable than they are now. When we all had a much more care-free attitude towards anything and everything, when hangovers were still manageable, and when expectations were wonderfully low. Those were the times when looking dope, making bread, and getting loose was what it was all about.

This is why we’ve tapped into many of the elements from our yesteryears to hopefully bring some of that nostalgic good feel to our own customers. For our Spring/Summer 2017 collection, we’re offering a range of streetwear staples, from long- and short-sleeved tees, to button-down short-sleeve shirts, shorts, bucket hats, dad hats and accessories that include pins and mugs. Speaking of mugs, our array of graphics found throughout the collection represent much of our memories growing up, such as seeing Hugh Grant’s infamous mugshot from his Hollywood arrest with prostitute Divine Brown. Then there’s the ever-prominent ode to weed culture with our “Stoned and High” tee, following our very own “Stoned Pattern” print–an illustrated mix of classic paraphernalia and then some–which we’ve used throughout a selection of pieces.

Moving on to the harder stuff, we have our “Hello My Name Is Drugs” line, which kicks off a number of other graphics that tie back to our many other vices in life. And as such, there’s no MIP collection without its offering of erotica, which you’ll find in our “Paris” tee, a collaborative effort with streetwear imprint N8NE featuring the one and only Paris Hilton in her prime. And then there’s our little tribute to Anna Nicole Smith, because she’s the most amazing human being ever, as well as our more subtle yet highly suggestive “Heads & Tails” graphic tee, and our “Face Up” tee that brings on a more traditional style illustration depicting the ancient and beautiful act of male face-sitting.


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