Spotlight: COME SUNDOWN, The Skate Brand That You Should Like… Or Not… Whatever

Spotlight: COME SUNDOWN, The Skate Brand That You Should Like… Or Not… Whatever
March 14, 2017 Alex Lendrum

When it comes to putting out a brainchild of yours, typically you’d want nothing but success and positive feedback to come from your efforts. This is not the case for Marcus Dixon, one half of COME SUNDOWN, a skate/Streetwear imprint he started together with his pal Jim Turvey, both of which would rather spend their energy continuing their labor of love project then worry about striking gold with success or have their brand deemed the coolest. “More often than not we just try to keep ourselves happy and make things we think are funny or strange. If people like it, cool. If they don’t, cool” Dixon tells us when we asked him about his brand.


It’s a refreshing outtake on skate/streetwear, which as many of you know, has taken a turn for the worst in terms of being the so called anti-rat race, yet its current landscape is all rats and race; the thirst for wanting to be coveted within the right circles and successful in both money and IG followers has caused the oversaturated industry to lose its authenticity. For COME SUNDOWN, it’s just a bunch of peeps making “funny shirts that people might wanna wear to their mum’s 60th.” And to us, that’s sounds just about perfect-we love wearing stuff to 60-year-olds’ birthdays.


In a bid to get to know Marcus Dixon and how much of a straight up dude he is, as well as how COME SUNDOWN was conceived and what keeps it going, we hit Dixon up on our fancy computers and had him answer our highly intellectual questions. Below you’ll find the answers of an honest and candid man, on an honest and candid brand, one that you’ll be able to find at our online webstore. Be sure to read through the entertaining interview below, and head here to check out more on COME SUNDOWN, and while you’re at it, you might as well follow them on Instagram, it’s the only thing in life that matters, aside from going to your mother’s 60th birthday–it’s best not to miss that. And if you’re punching yourself in the face from not knowing what to wear, well here you go.


Who are you?
Marcus Dixon. From Newcastle, Australia. Work in the field of Design/illustration etc. Just bought a cat.

What is COME SUNDOWN to those who don’t know? What is COME SUNDOWN to you?
CS is just a little brand I have with my friend Jim Turvey. It is basically just a means of producing things I wanna make in between client work. No briefs. Just stuff we like. We both work other jobs so our releases are sporadic–we just try and make some things when we can.

How did it all begin?
I just had some left over blank shirts from another project and one day I just said to Jim that we should print some weird stuff on them instead of them sitting in my garage. It was a natural progression because my day to day work is usually a lot of apparel design as well as skateboard graphics etc. We keep everything pretty relaxed and utilize a lot of local resources. The guy who prints our stuff is an old school mate of mine who prints out of a shed near my parent’s house, and the lady who does our embroidery works out of a retirement village.

What have been your biggest influences for you?
Pretty regular stuff I guess–people doing what they like, skating, leaving the house, Australiana, reptiles…

Do you have a project you’re most happy with to date?
I’m not too sure. Making skateboard graphics is fun. I still like seeing someone riding a board I designed, or wearing a shirt or whatever. Not working for some weird boss who tells me when to have lunch or something is pretty satisfying I suppose.

Do you consider yourself a skate brand?
I don’t mind either way. We made a board with Passport but haven’t done any more boards since. We stock a number of skate shops. I guess we are closer to it than not. But yeah, no real aim with what we make. Just funny shirts that people might wanna wear to their mum’s 60th.


How do you keep the brand authentic?
I don’t know if this adheres to authenticity, but I guess we like to take a little bit of a calculative approach to putting graphics out. As in, we won’t just put something out that we both don’t agree upon beforehand just to keep up appearances. It helps that we don’t work under a timeframe. More often than not though we just try to keep ourselves happy and make things we think are funny or strange. If people like it, cool. If they don’t, cool.

Do you have a favourite porn star of all time?
A friend of mine just sent me a screenshot of a girl he went to school with who is now in the industry. Props to her.

What’s next?
No real plans. Make more tees. Have a book project in the works with a series of stories written by Jim. I got an opportunity to go to Japan in June so I will probably do that. But for now, I think I am gonna play with my new cat a bit and maybe get a coffee with my dad tomorrow. Cheers fellas.


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