• Apr122016

    Spotlight: Q&A with Laurent Segretier


    We had the pleasure of sitting down with the talented artist Laurent Segretier. Laurent has been a house hold name in Hong Kong for quite some time, cementing himself firmly amongst the top tier of international artists living in the city. We recently caught up with him during Art Basel where he was showcasing his latest project with Beijing’s LEAP magazine.

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  • Dec122015

      Analog: Tokyo Pt. 1

      Welcome to “Analog”. In this new bi-weekly segment of our blog, we will be laser focused on everything relating to the world of film photography. This will include photography essays, interviews, gear reviews and much much more.

      For our introductory post, “Tokyo Pt. 1”, we share with you photos of some shady players celebrating in Tokyo’s Shinto festival in July, 2015. Part 2 will be dropping next week. Please enjoy.

      Camera: Contax G2 w/ Databack

      Lens: 21mm, 45mm, 90mm

      Photographer: DG

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