Spotlight: Q&A with Marcus Rivera aka Oiled Up

Spotlight: Q&A with Marcus Rivera aka Oiled Up
April 4, 2016 MM

A NY native, and now living in Vegas, Marcus Rivera, a.k.a Oiled Up, is an aspiring photographer who has recently made quite an impact in the Adult Industry with his unique aesthetic. 

#OiledUp is a sensual/erotic portrait series featuring adult entertainers, in a simple environment, showcasing their sensuality/sexuality wearing only coconut oil and white panties.

Porn Stars from every corner of the world, are lining up to have their photos taken by Marcus, and we were privileged enough to catch up with the man himself, on how Oiled Up first came to fruition and what he has planned for the coming years.

How did Oiled Up come to be?

It started as recently as last summer, when I was going through a lot of personal transitions and realizations.

I was hired to do a private shoot for someone who was a dancer at a local club in Vegas. She was gifting a photoshoot for a friend of hers, and at the end of shoot, she asked if I could take another set of photos based on a different look entirely. She had this whole idea in her head, of having me laid down on the ground, whilst she stood over me.

When I went home to edit her photos, I came across the photos she asked me to do separate to the original shoot, and I was blown away by them

When you freelance all the day, you kind of find yourself on autopilot, so it was very refreshing to see this other approach.

I then called her up and told her that I really want to do something with these photos, and she was really open to it. From there, I decided to put additional focus on adult work, and as that evolved, Oiled Up was created.

Oiled Up is ultimately is just a social media hashtag, but has now taken up a life of its own. When I started I didn’t know what the end result would be.


What our your future plans for Oiled Up?

Keep shooting it for a while, and at the same time prepare to work on a large scale art exhibition, which to me is the best method to view my work, as now it’s mainly Social Media focused. The body of work is quite substantive, and  is pretty far removed from what an individual image would say that’s floating around on the internet.

A lot of emotion and meaning goes into each individual shoot, therefore a gallery environment is what’s need to be able to absorb those feelings.

How and when were you introduced into porn?

2011 called in to fill in for one of the local Brazzers crew in Vegas. They had gotten rid of their photographer, and needed someone the next day

 My background in photography, fundamentally revolves around Beauty/Fashion work. I was sort of thrown into the fire, and I’m still there almost five years later. Porn surely has a way of sucking you in, pardon the pun.

Since moving to Vegas from New York, the Photography industry here is quite heavily focused in Gaming and Nightlife, and a lot of that work is tied up in contracts, which is quite limiting.

When porn came calling, I asked myself if I should do it and keep my mind open, or if it was time  I headed back to NYC.

Working in porn has made me a better photographer. It’s put me in situations where I have to think of my feet. There really isn’t any time to plan when shooting porn.

Great people, introductions, and a much stronger understanding and trust amongst coworkers.

Honestly, I don’t find myself stopping shooting anytime soon.



Have you worked with both mainstream and adult models. What’s the difference to you?

Difference I found that working with mainstream models, is there is a lot less emotion involved. Everything is very regimented.

Porn is a lot more personal. It’s important that I always set the tone for the day when working on an adult shoot.

Conversations, talking to people, making a girl feel good about here, and reinforcing that through imagery.

With mainstream models, or civilians as I would like to refer them as, it’s very hard to gain access to people, since everyone is  very worried about harming possible future opportunities.

Porn let’s someone who considers themselves and artist, break down barriers. That 800 pound gorilla doesn’t exist. We can move onto other things as the models have no problem with being nude

With Oiled Up, I’m not asking girls to get naked, flash me their vag, open up your butt and show me their future. I’m trying to create a dialogue at all times. The Images are so raw, no make up or hair is done beforehand.

Porn is part of the beauty industry, whether you like it or not.

Through some white panties on, don’t worry about make up no hair, just show me what you want to show me is the mentality adopted in every shoot I work on.


What’s the difference between being a civilian or a pornographer?

Don’t want to live two lives doing this.

If I don’t feel ashamed of it, and I am articulating it in a way that doesn’t have shame attached to it, I don’t care what the outside world think. Obviously I shy away from certain details when speaking to people. I do at times feel the judgement and scolding, but nowhere near as direct as performers get it, which is also very unfortunate.

A lot of people have dropped off and disappeared without any word, little by little. They didn’t like what was showing up on their timelines at work.

To be honest I learn to deal with it. Don’t get hung up and Take it all in stride.

Future goals?

Direct more. Move into the film making side of things. So much discipline involved from a moving image. All the things we train for as photographers, directly correlates to video. It’s definitely a natural gravitation. Not looking to retire anytime soon. Retiring is what people do for something that are not happy about.

This is something I care about it more than my previous marriage, more than my old job, and so many sacrifices were made to get to where I am today.

New projects?

Few movie projects in the work, but Oiled Up is the focus for me. Spread out more with what I do visually and do it on a grander scale.

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