Spotlight: Exposing The Mind Behind PornHoodies With Malcolm Bracey

Spotlight: Exposing The Mind Behind PornHoodies With Malcolm Bracey
January 3, 2017 Alex Lendrum

Let’s be honest now, you clicked into this post because it had the word “PORN” in it—don’t front. But hey, it’s OK. We pursued this interview because of the very same thing, and it wasn’t until we sat down with the man responsible for eliciting such curiosity that we realized that there’s more to it than just erotically exposed human flesh. The man we’re talking about is Malcolm Bracey, and the aforementioned “more to it” comes in the form of hoodie brand PornHoodies—an apt and straight forward brand name that made sense from the get go.


What also made obvious sense to Malcolm was the focus on hoodies as the vessel for the brand’s head-turning content. According to entrepreneur, “they’re the most comfortable form of clothing to me.” And the man speaks truth. If you’re going to sport pornographic material on your persons then you might as well be cozy AF about it. The second, and definitely most prominent aspect of PornHoodies is, of course the porn. An design choice that perhaps is not so obvious to some. If you’re still struggling to find some sense to make out of it all, the best way to look at it is that what Malcolm is doing through PornHoodies is to evoke the senses, much like art does. Whether it disgusts you, has you blushing like a closet pervert, or pushing the boundaries of the threads in your pants/changing the color of your bottoms to a darker shade due to wetness, it’s ultimately offering the same notion that art in general does.


And then there’s a whole thing about changing the mindset behind censorship and all that, but we’ll let Malcolm get to that in our interview, which you can read below. No matter how you look at it—and if you’re still telling yourself you’re not interested in copping one, then go back to watching the porn you were never not going to watch anyway—PornHoodies is a brash, brave and bold move within the currently boring landscape of streetwear. And just to throw in another “b” word for the hell of it: Boobies. And Balls… Butt. Bagina. Benis. Bitties, Bukkake!


Can you please introduce yourself for the record
My name is Malcolm Bracey and I make PornHoodies for a living.

First and foremost, why hoodies as opposed to porn T-shirts, or porn hats, socks, blazers, underwear or mittens to name a few other garments?
Mainly because I live in Wisconsin, and it’s cold, so it just seemed fitting… and they’re the most comfortable form of clothing to me.

Can you walk us through the mental process you experienced when you finally decided to turn the idea into an actual business? What aspects did you have to consider, and what was the decisive element that made you go for it?
Well, the thought process when I first got into business was, “I might as well sell these because they’re making people mad, so that must mean I’m doing something right.” I had to consider whether I was going to be looked at as a weirdo or a creep by people close to me, I was never worried about the public, but either way I didn’t care.


Porn is such a wonderful thing, but in your own words, why porn over any other content to create something around?
Porn just interested me the most.

With there being so much content out there, what’s it like digging through the never-ending sources of sex to find the right visual to use? Is it challenging? Is it all that we imagine it to be? Is it both?
It really isn’t work because I’m on porn sites every day anyways. I just find myself on there a little more than I used to be. I usually pick an image if it’s a close-up, kind of funny, and really different from a typical porn image.

What kind of porn are you in to now?
At the moment, I’ve really been into ebony porn. You just can’t beat black people lol.


Do you set yourself parameters with your designs for PornHoodies, or does anything go?
Anything goes. If I was going to start setting limits, I would have done something else. No child porn though.

What have been some of the toughest challenges with running a brand like PornHoodies?
Finding a manufacturing company to press my hoodies for a cheap cost because I still get them printed at the mall.

What about surprises with running a company in general for you personally?
How much work it actually is, and how much money you don’t make. I thought I would be rolling in the dough very fast, but it’s quite the opposite.


What’s been the most positive and most negative feedback you’ve received about your brand?
The most positive is when people say it’s a genius idea and see beyond it just being porn, and see it as trying to change things on a bigger level as far as censorship and shit like that. On the negative side, girls have messaged me saying I’m an asshole.

Who in the fuck is doing the music in your PornHoodies promo video? It’s lit.
Yung Gleesh, he’s fucking tight.

The brand’s title is straight forward and we like it a lot, but did you play around with other titles before landing on the best one ever? What where they?
I didn’t have any other names for it—it just was what it was at all times.

As someone creative, are there other mediums outside of PornHoodies that you’re exploring?
Yeah, I paint, do music, film—anything I can.

How often do you find yourself drawing something erotic?
I don’t know how to draw, sadly. I can paint though! lol


If you could collaborate with any person, brand or thing, what would it be?
With a person, it would be either Kanye or Kid Cudi… also BAPE on a hoodie.

Lastly, what can we expect to come from PornHoodies in the near future?
A lot more diverse porn and all types of accessories and apparel, and really, just being a whole brand that manufactures every type of thing. Also, I’d love to Model FILA (Plug me in lol).