Smoker’s Minute: London Keyes, Adult Pornstar

Smoker’s Minute: London Keyes, Adult Pornstar
March 1, 2016 MM

London Keyes has been an exhilarating addition to the Adult Industry, ever since her debut in 2008. From 2011 she was named one of the 50 hottest Asian pornstars of all time. And this says a lot about the following she has gathered, with 14 wins and nominations at the most prestigious industry awards. London Keyes considers that her breakthrough performance was in L for London, shot in 2011 with Jonni Darkko and Asa Akira.

She has appeared in X-rated features for such top companies as Vivid, Penthouse, Hustler, Evil Angel, Pure Play Media, New Sensations, and Elegant Angel.

We had the pleasure of meeting Ms.Keyes several months back in her current place of residence, Los Angeles, and since then have been partnering up to do a whole run of awesome and exclusive collaborative items.

Here are a few things she had to say about the industry today, and her plans for the coming years:

Since doing porn, what have been the best take backs to date. People you’ve met, projects you worked on, etc

For me the best thing was for sure meeting by far, one of my favorite directors and dearest friends, Jonni Darkko. Working with Jonni has been incredible as he truly get’s me, and is able make girls glamorous and beautiful with superb videography, at the same time putting out the hardest explicit sex in the business.

Since working in the industry I have met and crossed paths with a whole array of awesome people, and have travelled all over. People perceive the industry as a dark and devious world, however, that has never been my outlook, and it’s something I still remain thankful for.


Tell us a bit about directing. Is this something you have done or want to do?

Actually it isn’t something I’m interested in. That whole glamour aspect of it is gone.

You’re constantly hearing about directors bitching and complaining about girls not showing up, rates, and that the money isn’t there in general.

To me it just seems more as a hassle.

That said I love the whole production side of things, like promo events, etc, as well as other projects off set.

How many tattoos do you currently have. Are there any that have any significant meaning to you?

Never really stopped to count them all, to be honest, haha, but all for sure have meaning

The Cherry Blossoms represent my Japanese heritage.

My wrist is actually a heart that myself and best friend got together at 18

The 3 dream catchers on my back again goes back to Japanese culture, as they believe that each person has 3 lives, the private, the public and the secret. Each dream catcher catches all the bad things, and ensuring that only good karma and energy come through, for each of those lives.


What are your thoughts on how many international brands have been aligning with Porn Stars in recent years on their campaigns, products, etc

I think that the US is really behind in molding mainstream and adult together, unlike Europe and Japan, where Porn Stars are celebrities.

That said, there are still a few good examples that are brave enough to do it, like what American Apparel, Vivienne Westwood, Richardson Magazine, Supreme, and even the now defunct, T.I.T.S brand.

People are not only starting to see the value of working with us in a creative instance, but also from being able to tap into our ever growing fan base.

Year on year, it’s getting more accepted so good things ahead for sure.

What’s the plan for the next 5 years

I live each day as it comes, and I’m ready to leave the industry at any time, but would like to remain involved somehow due to the following that I have built up over the years.

Linking up with 1800-Paradise has been great, and it’s something I would like to build on further.

Moving forward, I want to limit shooting scenes to 1-2 production houses that I trust and add value to my overall brand and identity.

This helps make the footage less subject to being bootlegged then streamed, as these companies know how to protect their assets, providing maximum value for everyone involved.


Stay tuned regularly on 1800-Paradise to see more on London, and in the meantime, check out some of her product online.