Spotlight: Q&A with Arvid Logan

Spotlight: Q&A with Arvid Logan
March 29, 2016 MM

Hailing out of NYC, artist Arvid Logan. Logan is a part of the young music-and-art collective Letter Racer, which notably includes the rap group Ratking, for whom Logan has designed clothing and album art.

In recent years, he as been experimenting his approach through airbrushing custom tees, and has become the go to amongst most NY graffiti heads and creatives. Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with the man himself..

How long have you been doing custom air brush tees?

I started airbrushing at the end of last summer. Originally I wasn’t going to do t-shirts, i just thought that I would use it in my paintings. When I realized how fun it was to do custom shirts for people i pretty much used the airbrush exclusively for that. It wasn’t until a few months ago that i started to incorporate it into my fine art. I’m still learning how to use the airbrush to its fullest capacity, and doing custom shirts for people definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone and i discover something new every time i make one.

What’s your take on the bootleg culture at the moment. Is there anyone else doing things that have caught your eye recently?

I grew up on Canal Street in downtown manhattan, so bootleg t-shirts have been a part of my environment since I was a child. I like the idea of being able to take an established brand or character and personalize it for the customer. Most of the custom airbrush shirts i do for people feature Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, Felix, Spongebob, etc… 

Are there any other projects you’re working on? Tell us about Letter Racer?

Letter Racer was founded around 2009-2010. Originally I think we started it as a way to tie together the music and art that my friends and I were making at the time. Everybody in our friend group seemed to have their own unique talents, be it writing, film-making, skating, drawing, photography, etc… It made a lot of sense at the time to form a group that we could all rep. I think now its more of a platform for us to push whatever were doing as far as it can go, as well as a platform used for collaboration. For example, we just released the film “Market” by Adam Zhu, which is essentially a skate film featuring Zhu, Genesis Evans, and Shawn Powers, but it also incorporates music by Dev Hynes, Sporting Life, Wiki, and Onyx Collective, and was filmed on 35mm and VHS by other members of Letter Racer.

Do you plan to exhibit some of your work in the near future?

I’m always looking to show new paintings and art. I currently have paintings in two groups shows – one at Thrones in Brooklyn, NY, and the other at As It Stands in Los Angeles, California. Check my instagram @muckmanone to see any upcoming events.

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