Movie Poster Art by Art Sims

Movie Poster Art by Art Sims
April 6, 2016 MM

Art Sims skipped a couple of grades in elementary school, attended the prestigious Cass Technical High School in Detroit, earned a full ride to college, immediately scored a job in New York, then flew to LA, where, while still in his 20s, he bought a Mercedes, started his own company and gained the attention of directors such as Steven Spielberg and Spike Lee while crafting a unique identity in a big city.

After graduation Sims went on to design record covers for Columbia Records in New York City, but found his niche in Los Angeles where he established his company, 11:24 Design Advertising, a company dedicated to promoting African-American art and culture. He has worked in various areas of design but has established a particular status in poster art for movies, with a long time and successful working relationship with Spike Lee.

Spike Lee has directed 19 feature films and a number of documentaries. Among his better known films are Jungle Fever (1991), Malcolm X (1992), and He Got Game (1998). Although varied in their subject matter and style, Lee’s films typically include strong elements exploring race relations. In designing the posters for many of Spike Lee’s films, Sims has created commercial artworks that distill the issues of racial intolerance and struggle that underpin Lee’s works.

Sit back and take a moment to view Art’s work, in paying homage to one of cinema’s most influential behind the scenes personalities.

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