Movie of the week – Paradise : Love

Movie of the week – Paradise : Love
December 18, 2015 MM

Co-written by his wife, Veronika Franz, Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise: Love—the first of his Paradise trilogy—follows Teresa (Margarete Tiesel), a 50-year-old Austrian single hausfrau who travels to a Kenyan beachside resort to escape her frustrating, sexless existence and sullen teenage daughter.

There, Teresa is excited to learn from a friend (Inge Maux) the ins and outs of scoring what the out-of-shape women cannot get at home: sex, and a measure of companionship, with young men.

The interactions between “Beach Boys,” as the young Kenyans call themselves, and their “Sugar Mamas,” the middle-aged, white clients, begin with the men peddling trinkets on the beach and flattering the women.

Teresa falls hard for Munga (played by real-life Beach Boy Peter Kazungu), who gladly, even gently, serves as her bedmate and around-town companion. As she realizes the full extent of her power as a European with a bit of money, and her own inability to truly interest sexually the young men she beds, she becomes desperate and vicious.

An interesting watch to say the least, one that has for sure opened my eyes to a whole new type of hustle.

All women need love yo. Fuck have I been doing.