Moodymann: Sounds of Detroit

Moodymann: Sounds of Detroit
January 14, 2016 HT

Moodymann – a controversial and almost fiction-like character, an icon and a legend. Kenny Dixon Jr or Moodymann as he is known to most, represents the electronic wave of mastermind producers from Detroit.

He has been a pioneer on the electronic house scene for over 20 years and still putting out solid releases. To his fans he was and still is something of an enigma. Despite his reputation to make his fans overpay for his vinyl releases, and refuse any opportunity for an interview, there is something irresistible about this enigmatic character – the music.

There are few people who can consistently release music of such a high calibre. His albums are timeless yet still relevant and regarded today. Blessed with an immaculate way of sampling, taking stems from soul, jazz, and blues while respectively taking them to the next level.

While the album has been released for over a year, we wanted to a moment to appreciate this stellar illustration and record.

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