Spotlight: Mark Spiegler aka “Patron of the tarts”

Spotlight: Mark Spiegler aka “Patron of the tarts”
March 22, 2016 MM

Mark Spiegler is a talent agent for pornographic actresses and founder of Spiegler Girls, which is often regarded as being among the adult film industry’s top agencies.

Mark Spiegler, or just “Spiegler,” “Spieg,” (or, as he calls himself, “Shylock,” after the Jewish moneylender in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” who demands his “pound of flesh”) has owned the domain since 2003, but even before that, there was a certain type of model he represented that defined his business model.

Girls on roster at Spiegler Girls, include the likes of Asa Akira, Dana DeArmond, London Keyes, Skin Diamond, Jessie Andrews, Dana Vaspoli, Bonnie Rotten, and the list goes on.

Memory Lane has begun working with Speigs on several collaboration projects, inclusive of the recently launched Tip & Strip Pen series.

Our girl London sat down with the man to ask a few questions;

Tell us about where you grow up and how you got started working in Porn.

I was recently retired at the time, and then a guy that grew up with my cousin was a porn director, who brought me into the industry, at which point I then agreed to lend him money to shoot a few of his movies, that later led to others asking the same, and so I decided to begin producing films myself moving forward.

And then went on to shot 96 features in 4 years.

During that period, I met Lisa Crawford, a French porn actress, who was looking for work at the time, which I managed to help find. Then her friends asked me, and their friends, and it started becoming a lot of work, which prompted me to then make a business out of it.

I stopped producing movies in 1999 to focus solely on Spielger Girls.

What does it mean to be a Spiegler Girl?

They got to relatively bright, good looking, dirty filthy whores, in the nicest of ways. Professional perverts if you would.

I have three rules, even in porn, people actually remember it: Show up on time, Don’t make me look bad, and Don’t give me anything to worry about…And answer your phone.

Any career highlights or memorable moments you can tell us about?

The fact that our girls have won performer of the year the last 5 years in a row is pretty memorable, even if it pisses off the other agents.


Do you have or have plans for any ventures/projects outside of Porn?

No, I don’t have any time for anything except PORN.


How long you have you been branding yourself as Patron of the Tarts?

Wrote it on a DVD cover, and it just stuck.