Looking back on Channel U

Looking back on Channel U
December 22, 2015 MM

Was listening to Imperial Squad’s memorable classic, Just a Link,  and it brought me back to the Channel U days, where anyone can be famous.

It is a music channel, focusing on playing upcoming UK urban/grime/hip-hop music and has helped the breakthrough for acts such as Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, Chipmunk, and N-Dubz.

Channel U (today goes by AKA),  is a significant outlet not only for established artists, but also for those who are just starting out. Its material includes crude productions shot with handheld digital video cameras, and helps new musicians attract attention and build a fan base. The aim of the channel was to highlight to the public, the raw and unsigned talent within the UK, and give them a platform from which they could perform.

Fans would send SMS requests for video’s every minute of the day, as anyone is allowed to submit their own, and viewers are free to select them for airtime.

One of the best and most visual platforms for talent,  a model that should be replicated and put into affect in every major city.

Complex UK came out with a great article a year or so back, with a few of the channels must see videos. Check them out here



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