Homies from around the way: Shark Week

Homies from around the way: Shark Week
May 2, 2016 HT

We had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Logan on a desert island in Hong Kong just as a typhoon washed out our hopes and dreams of the so called party of the year “Summer Riot”, a collection launch for our in house brand Made in Paradise. Besides for the torrential rain, 99% humidity and gail force winds, Tom and Logan made a courageous gamble (with their skateboards in hand) to find us drinking beers, profusely sweating and eating about a years supply of fish and chips.

Shark Week – not to be confused with your favourite show on Animal Planet – is probably the best thing we have come across since the days of oversized basket ball jerseys, country grammar and gilets..

Shark Week, the streetwear savvy label from New Zealand, self described as “sophisticated silly”. A term that best describes the charming odd balls we met that night of the storm. We are definitely fans of Tom and Logan, and their irreverent brand making more than a ripple or two. Check out our interview below on our new segment “homies from around the way”.

Who are you and what do you do for the brand?

T: Hello, I’m Tom. I founded the brand and have two hands on the steering wheel of the people mover that has the rest of the Shark Week breathers in for the ride.

L: I’m Logan. I guess I’m the art department. Draw all the logos, pictures, animations and other stuff. I try to translate the vibe into something physical I guess. 

Tell us something about New Zealand we may not know?

T: Rugby?

L: Our badminton team was called ‘The Black Cocks’. Nah but seriously I dunno. It’s a small place which can be a bad thing sometimes but there’s a lot of amazing creativity coming out of here. 

You recently opened a brick and mortar? Tell us some more about that and how it came about.

T: Yea that was rad! It was just a little pop up in the heart of Wellington down an ally way in a basement. We had no signs telling people where it was just a few stickers on the fire hose out the front and a seat. The stickers always got taken though haha. We didn’t have any signs because we’re not trying to put Shark Week in anybody’s face or force anyone to like it. I don’t want to try and make someone like something if they don’t like it. Shark Week is for the people that know about it and have discovered and will continue to follow it whatever way they do. So the store was exactly that, a rad space for Shark Week people to come and check out, hang out, maybe hope that Beach Boy was going to be down their to snap a quick photo haha.

It was initially just meant to be open for 2 weeks but shit was cranking and I wasn’t that keen to go back to my day job so we stayed open for 6months but now we are on to new things. I see a question below asking about future projects so I will leave it at that for now.

L: That was all Tom really. I’d left my job about 4 months earlier to freelance as a designer. We’d both talked about not having jobs heaps and the time was right for him to test the waters too. Tom and I had constantly thrown the idea around. One of those things. It was all going to depend on the spot though. He ended up finding this sick little spot in a basement off an alleyway. It was perfect. I couldn’t really do much to help at the time cos I was super busy with my own shit so just helped where I could. I remember Tom just went for it, we put together a little proposal and then off it went. He stripped and painted it with help from a few of the crew. Did the fitout and the rest and that’s that. I think good shops have got something weird about them. There’s so much mediocrity handed to us on a plate out there now. Everything’s too easy, most companies treat people like idiots. People know what they’re looking for and they’ll find it. Like Tom said, Sharkweek isn’t trying to make you like it. 


Who is Beach Boy?

T: BEACH BOY!!! He’s my friend Finn who is amazingly talented and creative at what he does. And what he does is make crazy fun music, dyes all the Shark Week merch he gets into his own colors and is an all round a good person to be around. We have also been doing small tours around New Zealand with the crew popping up pop up stores in the daytime and doing Beach Boy shows at night. Very fun!! 

L: Finn. He makes music, amongst other stuff. He’s one of the crew who’s just out there doing it. He has fun, makes music and Beachboy is the result. It’s experimental I guess, I couldn’t really give it a genre. Psychedelic electronic mood trap fused party anthems.

What is the party scene like in Wellington? 

T: Its cool! Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and I have a feeling it is soon to be the student capital of NZ. So yea I’m sure you could imagine how shit goes down. But to be honest there aren’t too many bars you would go to unless they are hosting a gig of some sort like a Beach Boy show haha. A friend of mine Ollie, who goes by the name 121, has definitely got the bug now for throwing fun parties, raves, skate comps etc and he is doing an amazing job with it. I also feel we are blessed with the amount of international artists that come to the capital as well. But if no gigs are on it’s usually the case of going to a flat to the early hours of the AM. So the party scene in Wellington is defiantly a fun place to be.

L: Good I guess. It’s mostly house parties, gigs, premieres, art shows and showing up at someone else’s drinks. Pretty much what Tom said. Most of the time it’s skating around with a six pack. That’s all the party i need. Wellington’s super condensed so the chances are – you can skate there. There will be a hill someone can crack their head open here and there. 

Tell us more about your crew. Who is JILL?

T: The crew…wow! Umm yea its all my close friends. We all have similar interest but at the same time we are all so different from one another and when our paths and ideas cross it’s magic! They and all my friends have a massive input into Shark Week whether they no it or not. Jill though…I’m not going to blow his cover haha he likes to be kept mysterious. He takes very nice photo though.

L: The crew is large. Jill is a dude; a very clever one. He’s done a large amount of the more recent photography for SW. Like Finn, he’s doing – he’s found his flavour and he’s having fun and seeing where it will go. Pretty hard to talk about anyone in particular. A lot of people who float in the Sharkweek, GoodasGold, Dicksquad2k and Daylight.dv spheres and all of their surrounding peeps. Just general good vibe boys and girls. Everyone’s got their own thing which is cool, so many clever creative people. 

Your favourite place in the world? 

T: Hanging out with my friends wherever that may be.

L: Shit, very hard to say. Depending on the vibes and all but we went on a trip to Tokyo earlier last year and that was sick. 10 days wasn’t enough. Heading to Copenhagen soon. Scandinavia just seems to have their shit together in every way and I can’t wait to experience it.

Any new projects on the horizon? How should we keep updated.

T: Yes, a lot of new projects but all this shit is top secret. I feel we now live in a world where everything is so accessible that the surprise element gets lost. I guess I just want to keep that element to Shark Week.

The best way to stay updated would be through Instagram, snapchat, the website. But we don’t want to put this all on a platter for you. We want you to discover all that.

L: Always. You’ll know soon enough I guess. Instagram. We’re both heading overseas in the next month so stay tuned. 

Any famous last words?

T: Do you. Don’t fall for the trap and never give up on your goals and dreams! Shit doesn’t happen over night. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, a lot of falls, a lot of wins blah blah blah but any thing is possible J You have heard it all before but it is just a matter of going and doing it! 

L: Have fun. It’s written right above me – it’s just a matter of going and doing it. 

Watch out world. Shark Week product coming soon to 1800 Paradise.

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