Alan Wolfson: Miniature Urban Sculptures

Alan Wolfson: Miniature Urban Sculptures
December 14, 2015 HT

New York City native Alan Wolfson often spends months, if not years, working on his unique miniature dioramas. From concept, to location photography, mock-ups and final construction, the process involves several different mediums and iterations before Wolfson finally sets out to complete his final piece. 

An extension of his photographic neosurrealism, it is the hidden narratives that Wolfson believes are what makes his works unique. From a half-eaten burger to posted bills and discarded trash, the pieces each feel inhabited despite their obvious lack of people or movement. 

“To me, the most important experience you take away from my work is the story.  I’m providing you with clues to a narrative, telling a story with minute details.  There are no people in these scenes, but so much of what is there are the things people have left behind — the graffiti, the trash, tips on a counter, a half-eaten hamburger.  The real impact of my work is not in how small everything is but in the stories these small things tell.”